Account Receivable & Denial Management

Optimize your cash flow with GM Analytics Solutions’ comprehensive A/R and Denial Management Services, reducing denials and accelerating payments.

Account Receivable & Denial Management
A/R Follow-Up is Critical in Medical Billing and Requires Dedicated Specialists

At GM Analytics Solutions, we understand that effective A/R follow-up is crucial for optimizing revenue, revenue recovery, and cash flow in medical billing. Our comprehensive A/R strategies and support services are designed to enhance your organization’s revenue cycle health. From thorough claim denial investigation and analysis to consistent claims follow-up and resolution, our accounts receivable team expertly manages every aspect of the process.

Follow-Up Services

Initial A/R Evaluation: We begin with a detailed assessment of your current accounts receivable to understand your financial standing.

Analysis & Prioritization: Our team conducts a thorough analysis to prioritize outstanding accounts and focus on the most critical recovery opportunities.

Denial Management: We specialize in identifying the root causes of claim denials and implementing strategies to prevent future occurrences.

Patient Engagement: We maintain proactive communication with patients to resolve billing issues and ensure timely payments.

Payer, Provider, and Patient Correspondence: Our team manages all correspondence with payers, providers, and patients to streamline the claims process.

Collections: We deploy effective strategies to recover overdue payments efficiently.


Recovery of Overdue Payments: Our proactive approach ensures the recovery of outstanding payments, enhancing your revenue.

Increased Speed to Revenue: By expediting the payment process, we help increase the speed at which you receive revenue.

Maximized Reimbursements: Our expertise ensures that you receive the maximum possible reimbursements for your services.

Resolved Claim Denials: We promptly address and resolve claim denials, minimizing revenue loss and enhancing cash flow.

Healthy Cash Flow: Our services help maintain a steady and healthy cash flow for your organization.

Reduction in Outstanding Accounts: We work diligently to reduce the number of outstanding accounts, improving your financial health.

How It Works

At GM Analytics Solutions, we start by thoroughly understanding the state of your accounts receivable. We analyze your A/R aging reports, identify overdue accounts, and investigate claim denials. This comprehensive evaluation allows us to prioritize recovery opportunities and initiate resolution activities effectively. Our team maintains direct and constant communication with insurance payers and patients throughout the process, ensuring the quickest and most optimal outcomes. We manage the entire process seamlessly from start to finish, so you can focus on your core operations.

Denial Management Services

Denial Management Process and Prevention Strategies: We implement effective strategies to manage and prevent claim denials.

Denial Root Cause Analysis: Our team conducts thorough analyses to identify and address the root causes of denials.

Predictive Analytics: We use predictive analytics to assess the likelihood of claim payment or denial, allowing us to take proactive measures.

AI-Assisted Workflows: Our denial management workflows are enhanced by artificial intelligence, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Medical Coding Services: Our team of certified medical coders ensures that all services are coded accurately, reducing the risk of claim denials and maximizing reimbursements.


Reduced Denials: Our proactive strategies help minimize the occurrence of claim denials.

Expedited Denial Resolution: We promptly address and resolve denials, ensuring a smooth revenue cycle.

Healthy Cash Flow: Our services contribute to maintaining a steady and healthy cash flow.

Increased Revenue: By reducing denials and expediting resolutions, we help increase your overall revenue.

Partner with GM Analytics Solutions for expert A/R follow-up and denial management services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your financial health.


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