Billing & Claim Submission Service

Optimize cash flow with precision: Trust our Billing & Claim Submission expertise.

Billing & Claim Submission
Billing & Claim Submission Service

Efficiently submit claims to payers and clearinghouses, ensuring high clean claim submission rates to maintain effective cash flow and minimize write-offs.

Our Services Include:

Updated Patient Information:

Accurate Capture and Verification: Capture and verify updated patient information to ensure accurate and timely billing.

Insurance Eligibility & Benefits Verification:

Proactive Review: Review patient insurance eligibility and benefits three days prior to the date of service to confirm coverage and prevent claim denials.

Pre-Authorization Requirements:

Timely Obtaining: Obtain necessary pre-authorizations seven days prior to the date of service to ensure compliance and prevent delays in payment.

Claim Scrubbing:

Thorough Error Resolution: Identify and resolve coding compatibility errors through our thorough claim scrubbing process, ensuring clean claims.

Modifier Application:

Correct Application: Append the correct modifiers to procedures to ensure accurate claim submission and prevent rejections.


Enhanced Cash Flow:

Efficient claim submission processes ensure timely reimbursements, enhancing your organization’s cash flow.

Reduced Claim Denials:

Proactive insurance verification and pre-authorization processes minimize the risk of claim denials, ensuring a higher rate of clean claims.

Accurate Billing:

Updated patient information and thorough claim scrubbing processes reduce errors, leading to more accurate billing.

Compliance and Accuracy:

Correct application of modifiers and obtaining necessary pre-authorizations ensure compliance with payer requirements, reducing the risk of rejections.

Optimized Revenue Cycle:

Streamlined billing and claim submission processes optimize your revenue cycle, minimizing write-offs and maximizing revenue capture.

Enhance your billing and claim submission processes with GM Analytics Solutions. Contact us today to improve accuracy, compliance, and financial health.

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